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mardi, novembre 27, 2007


Guk besteak dezepzionatu
Dezepzionatuak izan
Inork dezepzionatu ez gaituelako
itxurak egin
Geure buruari
inguruko inor dezepzionatu ez dugula

Baldin noizbait bazter uzten bazaitut

Harkaitz Cano, Telefono kaiolatua

vendredi, novembre 23, 2007


Nork ez du inoiz Apaizac obeto moduko abenturaren bateko partaide izatea amestu? Liluragarria iruditu zaizkit Jon Maiaren kontakizuna, argazkiak, musika, giroa. Balearen ehiza, bateletan arraunean balea jarraitu beharra lehenik, arpoilaria batelaren aurrealdean makurtua, balea eta arpoilaria aurrez aurre, arpoia esku bustian eta bizitza arriskuan.
Eusko Jaurlaritzaren diru-laguntza baten esperoan, Karidadeko Bentak musikatutako kopla anonimo eder hauek kantatzea besterik ez zait geratzen:

Txuri garbi zeru gaina
Itsasoak eder maina
Haize ona belaraco
Denbora ona partitçeco.

Adi nire haur çumeac
Seme alaba maiteac
Galtçen baduçue aita
Ama alarguna maita.

Bide luçe Ternuarat
Itsasoa zabal harat
Zubiric eç pasatçeco
Marinelen salbatçeco.

Elementac badarontsa
Itsasoac habarrotsa
Haiçe tenpesta bera da
Itsasoac mascarada.

Furacanaren furia
Infernuco irudia
Satan beltçak darabila
Ontzien galtçen dabila.

Urac non bermaricez du
Ez haizeac nondic lotu
Untçiac eç çimenduric
Han eç da salbamenduric.

Untçi batzuk salbaturic
Itsasoa pasaturic
Arribatu Ternuarat
Behar duten portutarat.

Ternua da mortu hotça
Eremu triste arrotça
Laboratçen eç den lurra
Neguan beti elurra.

Han oihan sasi mendiac
Larreac eta mendiac
Harri arroca gogorrac
Lur agor eta idorrac.

Han otsoak eta hartçzak
Basoco bestia gaitçac
Animalien herria
Desertu içugarria.

samedi, novembre 17, 2007

She's Lost Control

non hilketa, heriotza eta suizidioaren arteko marra fina ez den kontzientzia arazo bat besterik

beldurrik ez, soilik epilepsia

arteriak segundo batez itotzen sentitzea

niniak betirako zorabioan lehertuak

eta ondoren


konortea, kristalezko milaka zatitan txikitua

mardi, novembre 13, 2007


When there's no future
how can there be sin
we're the flowers
in the dustbin
we're the poison
in your human machine

Quoting the commercially shaped and insanely supported Sex Pistols lyrics, I really belief that flowers can also grow in the dustbin. Actually, I think that a small revolution can be motivated through deep restructuring of rubbish processing system. I’ll try to explain how politicians can change this consumer culture based society by taking simple but firm decisions. The main points of my personal contribution are:

- Apart from the periodical rubbish tax, citizens will have to pay per each rubbish/plastic/glass kilogram produced a certain amount of money.

- How is the state going to control this? The traditional rubbish banks would be replaced by government-controlled buildings, where the rubbish that each family produces will be weighed and the money collected. This money will be logically invested in the research & development of innovative, productive recycling systems.

- The majority of the population would consequently try to reduce their daily rubbish production in order to pay less. As a consequence, people would demand less plastic wrapped products to food&material providers (supermarkets and so on). The capitalist chain production would inevitably suffer a heavy drop.

- The point is that these measures must go by the hand with active implication of population. We must feel part of the plan and participate in it to reduce the impulsive consumerism trend of nowadays.

- We may think that mafias prepared to recollect rubbish would expand throughout. However, this possibility is quite improbable: how are they going to manage to transport and destruct 1.12 Kg rubbish/person? In Gipuzkoa 784000 kilograms of rubbish are produced per day. Only the state can have a network to collect and treat so many kilograms.

After Sid Vicious death, there’s been so much future. In fact, I’ve heard that the Sex Pistols are coming back again (in economical terms there’s no contradiction).

All in all, everything’s a matter of common sense.

- Rubbish processing system
- Motivate: impulsar
- Rubbish bank: contenedor de basura

dimanche, novembre 11, 2007

Igande arratsaldeak Sam´s-en

vendredi, novembre 02, 2007


I´ve decided to open a new English-spoken space in this blog in order to oil my highly oxidized brain by writing in English. As well as practicing the only foreign language I´ve learnt, I´d try to share with every reader -is there someone out there?- some crazy thoughts (abandoned thoughts, ignored reflections, more insignificant than Arnaldo Otegi´s dirty underpants in the hands of the prison cleaner).

The house of love
The fact that Basque youngsters don´t make love is nothing short of a miracle. Although they do everything in their power to make it, just few young couples enjoy the priviledge of developing freely and completely their sexual life.

Lovers usually pay a very high price for a basic need: privacy. For example, the second hand cars that invade the surrounding hills of Donostia or the bosom of Zarautz motorway bridge at weekends are not cheap: apart from the steep price of the vehicle, youngsters must afford the driving license, the car insurance and the petrol.

What about the summer apartments in Jaca or Formigal? It´s a good option, but quite expensive&not frequently useful, don´t you think so? Besides, you need parents’ permission, which means you´ve achieved a really fluent communication with them or you´re an expert making up excuses.

Being economically impossible to live by yourself at the age of 19 (overwhelming price of flats, difficulty in combining studies and a decent job), we can consider that Basque youngsters have enormous difficulties to deepen in their relationships.

From my point of view, politicians can solve this problem if they are brave enough to take the decision of building The house of love. This building would provide young citizens 24 hours service in a reasonable price based in these principles: hygiene, enjoyment, information, respect, imagination, safety and privacy. Equipped with all kind of rooms, it´d be accessible for every young citizen (no matter color, sexual tendency, religion, etc.) and its expenses would be paid by the government. In this house, young couples would have the opportunity of making love with no pressure and with all the safety and information required.

In my opinion, these kinds of measures would draw society together and would highly improve our youngsters’ life. Moreover, I think that The house of love would indirectly reduce drug consumption and extreme political tendencies, as well as motivating communication between youngsters and the contact between different ethnics, eliminating in this way sexual prejudices.

I´d like to see what would Donostia´s or Hernani´s left wing governors answer to my proposal (remember that more than the %50 of the votes were to left-wing parties).

Do we really live in a liberal society?

- Reflection: hausnarketa edo reflexión. Ez da false-friend bat.
- Is nothing short of a miracle: it´s an absolute miracle
- Do everything in my power to...
- Enjoy the priviledge
- Pay a very high price
- In the bosom of the family: familiaren babesean (lap=altzoa)
- Draw society together: cohesionar la sociedad, gizarteak bat egin dezan ahalbideratu.